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We have a comprehensive array of services available that help make the most of
your existing furnishings. We offer the following:

We pick up from the vendor and deliver to your facility at your convenience

We have certified installers who are trained by the manufacturer on the correct way to install your furniture to ensure the best performance by your new purchase and also validates your warranty.

Project Management
A project manager is assigned to a project to ensure a smooth transition from project start through to completion

We can supply a plan of your facilty showing the new proposed layout of your
furishings and fixtures

Move Services
We supply the manpower, trucks and the packaging where required.

We provide repairs and reupholstery of your existing furniture.

Storage Services
Storage of your inventory is available on a daily, monthly or annual basis in a
secure temperature controlled environment.

Furniture Consultations and Supply
Evaluations of your existing furniture items and layout to determine if it meets
your needs today.

Showroom Tours
Most of our 80 plus vendors have showrooms available for tours and are available
upon request at your convenience.

Ergonomic Assessments
Individual, group or department assessments are available, as well as information sessions.

Let us help you rethink and replan your existing furniture layouts. This applies to any product
line of any age and any ideas.

It's time to call nine to five.